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news== this page is were we will anounce any news todo with porsche. such as new cars/car variants any purchases or anything else.

new cayenne gtsEdit

porsche annonced that they will be creating a new cayenne. the gts.

The GTS is slated to be the middle ground between the S model and the Turbo model, but remains based on the S model. However, don’t start thinking you are just get

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the new cayenne gts

ting a glorified Cayenne S when you buy the GTS, as it has some significant performance upgrades over the Cayenne S model. These upgrades include minor tweaks to the engine to squeeze out some more power and suspension modifications.

porsche purchases the nardo test track in italyEdit

What is sports car manufacturer Porsche to do when it becomes bored with its own testing grounds and the Nürburgring just doesn’t allow its cars to reach their full potential? Buy a new testing facility!
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nardo test track

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